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Award Winning Vodka

The production of 'Gorzalka' (Vodka) dates to the beginning of time, or just about.
As early as the 9th century it was mainly used for medicinal purposes and for the manufacture of...wait for it... gun powder!

The 15th to 17th centuries saw questionable vodkas being produced, it took until the 19th century for some quality standards to be adopted on the widespread production of vodka.

Here at Durbanville Distillery we strive to continue with the tradition of producing the purest of vodkas. We apply modern engineering innovation and unique distillation methods to produce a crisp, smooth and soft spirit.

The base of our Vodka is a delicate balance of grains consisting of wheat and corn, this combined with a method of cold distillation brings forth a uniquely pure spirit that retains the original character of the grains.

Our award-winning vodka is triple distilled with the result being one of the purest of vodkas which can be enjoyed neat, on-the-rocks or as the perfect accompaniment to your cocktail. Gentle Spirit with a Light and Crisp character.

Presence of Grain undertone followed by Slightly Sweet, Musky aftertaste. Ingredients Grain Alcohol from Wheat and Corn. Nose Earthy, Sweet aroma with a hint of Musk.