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Like father like son

Meet the owners

Father-son duo, Robert and Eugene Kleyn,embarked on an exciting new venture which brought together their two greatest passions - engineering and fine liquor.

Their interest was initially sparked while brewing beer with equipment which they built. They quickly caught on and, understandably, excelled in the technical aspects of their newfound hobby. After many successful brews were bottled, and drunk, they decided that they needed a bigger challenge. It was this drive which lead them to the fine craft of distilling.

What sets these craftsmen apart is their expert technical background, which is evident in both their method and equipment - cold distillation and their hand-built vacuum still, Eve. Furthermore, Eve the still is big. It is to the best of their knowledge, the largest liquor-producing vacuum-still in the world. But hey, this is not to say bigger is better, only that anything less would not of held up against their great ambition.

So, get your hands on a bottle of Durbanville Distillery’s Gin, Vodka or Rum and enjoy a g&t, martini or a majito if you like, and appreciate the diligence, dedication and passion which had gone into every drop.